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The logo is a graphic design that identifies a company, allowing its brands (corporate or product) be quickly recognized or related to something, with which there is a similarity. Logos can be made only with images, with images and letters or single letters

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A logo should be present in all business stationery, either on cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, business cards, advertising, etc. Its use can be extended to uniforms, packaging, product labeling and print ads.

Advantages of Having a Logo

It is an essential part of the company identity.

Conveys confidence.

It is a key element in establishing difference between the company and its competitors.

You can create empathy between the company and the target.

6 Rules to Consider When You are Designing a Logo

βœ“ Keep it simple. Its design should allow proper display in print and on the screen in different resolutions and distances; in color or black and white as it can be applied to faxes, photocopies, forms and other documents.

βœ“ You must not have great decorated.

βœ“ Without excessive colors. The less variety of colors you have, it is easier to see. We must give special attention to the color meaning , because it is proven that a logo colors greatly influence people in various ways according to cultural affiliation, age, gender and habitat, among other factors. The colors are chosen, they should highlight the ways of the logo should be combined so powerfully to call public attention.

βœ“ It must be easy to read, while wearing some kind of typography.

βœ“ It must be original,unique and different.

βœ“ Easy to remember. Depending on the colors, typography and form thereof. To be successful, it must be associated with its meaning.

Finally, it is useful to use a phrase or slogan branded with the logo. The phrase can extend or expand the meaning given by this, as well as provide an instant understanding. The success of a logo not only depends on its internal composition, but the spread is done him through advertisements and other promotional forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

P: 1. How long will it take for me to receive my logo?
R: You will receive logo in approximately three business days

P: 2. Which formats I will receive?
R: .jpg, .ai, .png, .pdf

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