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12in x 18in (30.48cm) x (45.72cm) 2 58.99
12in x 24in (30.48cm) x (60.96cm) 2 70.99
18in x 24in (45.72cm) x (60.96cm) 2 93.99
24in x 24in (60.96cm) x (60.96cm) 2 117.99

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Car Magnets are printed on heavy-duty material and ideally suited for car door signage. These glossy magnets can also serve as temporary signage for construction sites or other changing work environments and offer long lasting outdoor use.

  • βœ“ Material: 30mil Car Magnets. The standard thickness for an outdoor car magnet is 30mil. These are strong enough to withstand the wind and stay firmly on the vehicles without being tossed off by the speeding car. It is as thick as a credit card
  • βœ“ Round corners or straight corners your choice
  • βœ“ The most-popular sizes for vehicle magnets are 12" x 18" for compact cars and 12" x 24" for regular size passenger cars. Pickup trucks and SUVs can accommodate larger magnets, with 18 x 24” being very popular
  • βœ“ One common mistake people make in ordering their car magnets is to assume that "one size fits all" or to simply guess at the dimensions. Not all car doors are designed the same way or with the same construction materials. If car magnets are placed over trim molding or on a curved area, the resulting airflow can weaken the bond between the car and the magnet. Always measure the flat, metallic surface area you wish to utilize for your magnetic signs before you order. This is strongly recommended and is the best way to pick the size of your car magnets
  • βœ“ Production time: 4 business days
  • βœ“ Ground SHIPPING within USA (48 contiguous states). For shipping cost to Puerto Rico and other states please contact us.

Follow these guidelines to extend the life of your magnet and protect the surface to which it’s applied:

1. Remove your magnet before any professional car washes or power washing
2. Do not use your vehicle magnet in extreme weather conditions
3. Failure to do so can result in permanent damage to the vehicle and magnet

Frequently Asked Questions

P: 1. How do you put car magnets?
R: Clean the vehicle surface. Let your vehicle surface air dry completely. Apply the magnet to a flat, metallic surface without bumps, curves or rust.

P: 2. How can I will protect my vehicle surface from damage and debris?
R: Clean the back of your car sign and vehicle surface weekly to protect it against debris build up. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to protect the vehicle surface. You can clean the surface of your magnet with a wet paper towel.

P: 3. How long do vehicle magnets last?
R: Car magnets are durable, but with proper care, you can use these signs for as long as 2 years.

Q: 4. How long will it take for me to receive my magnets?
A: You will receive your order in approximately five or six business days. Our production department is closed on weekends. We are shipping in Florida only.

Q: 5. Do I have to pay shipping for my magnets?
A: You don't have to pay shipping.

Q: 6. I have an idea of the design, can you create the artwork for me?
A: If you have an idea for your design, but do not have a digital file prepared by a graphic designer ready to print, you will need to create the artwork. We offer design services, please contact us for a quote.

Q: 7. If I have my own design. How do I set up my artwork files? What are your file specifications?
A: To ensure the printing quality of your envelopes, your design must meet certain technical specifications required by our production department.

Templates: Our template is used as a guide or reference to show general placement of logos/graphic elements, however, when submitting the artwork, you must submit it without the guidelines, otherwise they would be printed. See image below for example. To get template click on the following link:

Template car magnets 12" x 18" square corners
Template car magnets 12" x 18" round corners
Template car magnets 18" x 24" square corners
Template car magnets 18" x 24" round corners
Template car magnets 12" x 24" square corners
Template car magnets 12" x 24" round corners
Template car magnets 24" x 24" square corners
Template car magnets 24" x 24" round corners

Accepted files: JPG or PDF format, 300 dpi, CMYK coloring. Please provide ready to print files & in good quality. If you have any questions or doubts please contact us .


Q: 7. How do I submit my design to approve it?
A: To send us your design, click on the following link send design or email us

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